Now Ralph’s more of a guitar band animal, however after having covered Liverpool’s The Little Secrets and SeaWitches recently he’s been showing his mellow side. So much so, he had a listen in to the low-fi electronic vibings of Chester duo Neutronic.

They’ve just released Closer on download earlier this month and it’s a delightfully melodic soundscape using the contrast of Luliana’s slightly accented vocal backed by Paul’s smooth English tones overlaid on Neutronic‘s cleverly worked 80’s electro musicality in a Cocteau Twins stylee.


Having previously worked together on a one-off electro pop project they’ve got together again to bring us Neutronic.

The duo have crafted an exceedingly assured sound which is proving popular with radio stations. Needless to say Ralph’s giving Neutronic a spin on his Radio KC show. They’ve featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 Mixtape and Dave Monks on BBC Radio Merseyside.

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