Playlist for Ralph’s Indie Mix Show on Radio KC – Sunday 3rd Nov 2013


Radio KC goes out to 97 countries worldwide and you can tune in and join the party by clicking on this link

This week’s show is based mainly on tracks that are intro’s to groups and artistes on Ralph’s Show – some newly released tracks too from old favourites and stuff I like – because I can!

This week Ralph’s also included 5 Liverpool and 5 Manchester bands as an indication of all the great unsigned Indie music that’s coming from these cities just now.



Etches – Let’s Move In    #Liverpool

The Birthday Suit – You Hear The Drums     #Intro

The Watchmakers – Waves     #Manchester

Giant Fang – Golden Age     #New Release

Saint Max & The Fanatics – Afraid Of Love     #Intro

Shoot The Rabbit – Let me Down     #Intro

Natalie McCool – Black Sun     #Liverpool

All She Knows – Easy Way Out     #intro

Black Mountain Lights – Submarine     #Liverpool

Plum – Death Comes With A Bow     #New Release

The Wytches – Beehive Queen     #Intro

Royal Blood – Out Of The Black     #Intro

Defy All Reason – Shake It     #Intro

The Cornerstones – This Is How it Ends

Vellocet – Cosmic Blues     #Intro

Snippet – Let’s Talk About Us

Formes – Inside I’ve Flown     #New Release

Silent Cities – Beating Heart     #Liverpool

Ed Poole – The Fractured Sleep     #Liverpool

Young War – Say That it’s Love     #Manchester

Transition, Baby! – Hot Out The Oven     #Manchester

Tingle In The Netherlands – Namklim     #Manchester

Culann – Jerusalem     Ralph’s Record Of The Week

Jess Harwood – Feeling Fine     #New Release


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