Ralph’s pick of The London Film Review – Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures
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Based on first novel in the best selling series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural tale of star crossed lovers dealing with loss, persecution, coming of age and the burdens that go with it. The story commences with Ethan (Aiden Ehrenreich) narrating a recurring dream in which he sees a faceless girl to whom he has an unparalleled attraction, but feels that reaching her will have terrible consequences.This girl becomes personified by town newcomer Lena (Alice Englert), and the two bond over a mutual love of banned literacy. Events take a sinister turn when it is revealed Lena is a caster (witch to us mortals) and that the tattoo on her hand is counting down the days until her sixteenth birthday when she will be either claimed for the light or the dark, however a family curse and the pair’s uncontrollable love make the latter seem inevitable. – 

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