The plight of staff in HMV’s Irish stores

So Twitter’s alight this morning in support of HMV in Tallaght, South Dublin in Ireland however they’re not alone in their plight to get paid their wages by administrators Deloitte.


Photo: We've been told that hmv Tallaght staff are having to sit-in to get their modest wages from well paid Deloittes. Meanwhile, Deloittes have ceased HMV's on-line trading. That makes sense. Not. Support HMV Tallaght by following them on Twitter @HMVTallaght  Thank you.


Staff at various HMV branches across the country are continuing to stage sit-in protests over fears that their wages will not be paid.


The retailer announced on Wednesday that it was closing its Irish stores temporarily after going into receivership.

Protests are also continuing in Limerick on Cruises Street and at the Crescent shopping centre branches.

You can follow them on Twitter @HMVTallaght


Reports are that there has been up to 50 expressions of interest in HMV including video game retailer Game.   Despite the prospect that the retailer could be saved, Deloitte has no plans to start honouring gift vouchers – which has sparked condemnation from music fans unable to spend their gift cards, many of which will have been received as Christmas presents.  So it’s hardly surprising that currently they are refusing to pay the staff wages, holiday and overtime pay on stores that have had the doors closed.

Needless to say the collapse of HMV has implications for the music industry in general…..


Music labels reeling at HMV woes


Many small record labels whose CDs are in the racks of stricken retailer HMV are anxiously waiting to see whether they will lose money as a result of its collapse.



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