Alfie’s Law – a petition to change Animal Cruelty Legislation

Please click on Alfie’s photo to read the full interview and how you can help…..


Following writing a piece on Serbia’s forgotten dogs Ralph had the opportunity to interview a young bearded collie called Alfie who, along with some friends started a campaign to help to raise awareness of the current law in the UK regarding animal abuse, neglect & murder and how the sentences are not being used to the maximum. Too often minimum fines are given to people who inflict the most disgusting abuse and harm to our animals.



Help Alfie’s Law by signing the petition now… needs 100,000 signatures!  Surely with the viral potential of Twitter and Facebook we can get Alphie’s petition past the 100,000 mark soon…..


Status Update: 3rd Jan 18:00 

      25,395 signatures!.


Petition Status: LIVE (day 217)


    Please remember to check for a confirmation e mail or your signature will not be counted


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