Ralph’s blog on Serbia’s Forgotten Dogs

Ralph’s blog on Serbia’s Forgotten Dogs

Please click on me to read how you can help…..


Now Ralph’s looked at a few good causes but this is one that’s really close to his heart as it’s about dogs and well, I am one.  I’m lucky as I’ve got a nice warm home, well fed,  a coat to put on when it’s cold and get loads of treats so despite the pathetic look I’ve got on my face in the picture I’m pretty lucky really.  Oh yeah and I’ve got my own laptop so I can write blogs.  As most of you know I spend a lot of time on Twitter too and it was just today that a Tweet appeared asking me to join and help Serbia’s Forgotten Paws…..so I did join and I wrote this…..maybe after reading it you’ll help too?

Click on the photo for the full blog and details of how you can help…..

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