Generation Text

Click on The Gargoyle to be transported to The Dark Side for more Grumblings…..
Too right I’m feeling angry! 

Too right I’m feeling bitter!
You text me that you loved me 
Then Unfollowed me on Twitter!
I should’ve seen it coming
You wasn’t that discreet
When you saw me put my post out
And didn’t bother to Re-tweet!
Now you’ve gone and blocked me
Well isn’t that a corker?
My name’s just started trending 
‘Cos you’ve added ‘Hash Tag Stalker’!!
I thought that I was special
You ‘Liked’ the way I look
According to the little hand
With a thumb up on Facebook!
It’s now become my mission
To see you face to face
There’s nowhere I won’t search for you
Well…ok..Not My Space!!!…
( I may be mental but I do have standards ).



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