The Polyveldts

Ralph briefly had a look at The Polyveldts prior to their gig at The West Derby Festival back in August.  Just after that they released their first EP.  The Polyveldts are, Tom Barnes – Rhythm Guitar and Vocal, Dan Cummings – Bass, David Deegan – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Jacob Naylor – Drums and James Unsworth – Lead Guitar and Vocals and play an almost Sixties stylee, psychadelic guitar based brand of music.  Have a listen to some of their earlier releases like ‘Stone Rosie’ or ‘Shoot Me Down’ on the ‘Waiting For George’ and you’ll see what I mean.  

Click on the picture for more music by The Polyveldts

It’s time they were reaching a wider audience with their solid,  honest, guitar based psychadelic rock sounds…..proper tunes!  

With that in mind they’re playing a headline gig at The Shipping Forecast on Thursday 20th December and they’re going to be featuring a couple of new tracks in their set.  

Keep your ears open for the punchy, guitar driven ‘Oh Yeah’ and you’ll swear you’re witnessing the rebirth of The Yardbirds.





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