The Bradford Odeon…..Meet The Black-E Project in Liverpool.

Bradford One - A Community Bid To Restore Bradford Odeon As A Live Venue And Home For Creative Entrepeneurs

Having taken an interest in Bradford One and their efforts to make The Bradford Odeon an economically viable venue with an assured future for the community at large, I was reminded of The Black-E Project in Liverpool, Britain’s first ever community arts project.  

Picture of the exterior of the building after cleaning

The Black-E (formerly The Blackie) began with the commitment to combine a contemporary arts centre with a community centre. When – having taken over the former Great George Street Congregational Church in October 1967 with the support of Peter Moores – the team of artists led by Wendy and Bill Harpe began their cultural adventures with long term aims and with an ‘open door’ policy.  What might have seemed almost fortuitous at the time of the public launch in May 1968 can now be seen as essential ingredients in determining the character of the U.K.’s first community arts project, and in creating a centre where all the arts (performing and making, experimental and traditional) might engage with all the people who chose to come through the doors (young and old, disadvantaged and privileged).

For the full blog please click this link…..

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