Ralph’s Top Ten Blogged Bands 11.11.12


Only recently formed but making a big noise with gigs and lots of interest on the airwaves, it’s London band…..1. Crystal Seagulls

Down one place this week after narrowly loosing a phenomenal battle to hold the top spot, Manchester’s…..

2. Everyday Goldfish

Down one place but still a lot of interest in the Dubstep track recently released by…..

3. Plum

Second week in the chart and holding on to the same place, it’s Scottish singer/songwriter…..

4. Sean Kennedy

Playing The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden today so great news that they’re up from last weeks No. 7 for London band…..

5. The Bedroom Hour

New to the chart with news of an EP release and loads of gigs for solo artist…..

6. Franco & The Dreadnought

Down from last weeks No 3. for chart favourites…..

7. Vukovi

Back in the chart with a lot of interest in their blog prior to their Online Festival gig on Saturday…..

8. Transition baby!

Down from last weeks No. 5 spot for Scottish band…..


Also returning to the Chart after a lot of hits on their blog following a spot in The Online Festivalgig in Manchester…..

10. Stolen Haven

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